Bi monthly letter from the President

     Medford Pride on Main started during Pride month in June 2019. We became a nonprofit organization within just three months and the support of the community has been overwhelming . As of September the Facebook page has grown to over 1400 followers and the support from Main Street and beyond is positively overwhelming. Within the three months an Executive Board was formed, sponsors were found, events have been planned, and the future of Medford as embracing Pride has begun. 

     When we think about Pride we think of a parade, a festival, community participation, rainbows , and a yearly event. Pride is more than a once a year parade,it is everyday life for someone in the LGBTQ Community. Pride is the never ending fight to belong, to feel accepted ,and to be safe in the place we call home. Pride is the fight that most take for granted. The simple things such as walking down the side walk holding the hand of your partner, something most people take for granted can be a scary thing for someone who is LGBTQ. Hate crimes are at a record high in today’s world. Our mission is to make Medford home for all who live here no matter race, religion or sexual orientation. No one should live in fear in a place they call home. 

       The inspiration came from a beautiful town called New Hope I’m Pennsylvania an hour from Medford. Here you can find a charming hillside town with boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, bars and history. New Hope is a eclectic LGBTQ centerpiece of the Bucks County area. Arriving in New Hope you will be greeted by PRIDE flags flying on almost every home, restaurant, store and business from street to street. They host an amazing Pride event each May that celebrates a LGBTQ non profit that organizes events throughout the year. Here you can be who you are and as you are whether it be gay, straight, black or white.  You can feel free, safe and at home. 

     A pride flag is more than just a flag it’s more than just a piece of rainbow fabric, it’s a sign of love, acceptance, inclusivity, and a feeling of security. When someone from the LGBTQ Community see’s Pride flags flying it’s a beacon of hope and love. It signifies a safe place for the LGBTQ community to live and be themselves. There is a lessened fear of watching their back for holding hands with their partner, showing affection or just being judged by appearance. 

     Without the help and support of our volunteers none of this would be possible. Our Executive Board works hands on from creating our website, creating monthly events ,and marketing donations. It takes a village, a Medford Village to make a amazing organization that has been created for the Medford community.